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Monoprints (~£5) are currently for sale at the following locations:


1)"Ester's Garage", Tibirkevej 17, DK3220, Tisvildeleje, Denmark. Tel: 0045 29663498. Price 50 Danish kroner.

2) Peter Cutting's ceramic stall at the Riberac Friday market in Dordogne, France. Peter is there most Fridays. Price 5 Euros.

Paintings range from £25 to £200.

Contact Christian directly or to see his work on display, see the 'Exhibitions' page.

Wedding and Menu Cards

Monoprints can be provided for use as invitation or menu cards. They are mounted on A5 sized folding cards. As these are usually ordered in bulk, the price per card can be reduced. See below example monoprint images.

Flamenco dancer_wed
Two flowers and a heart_wed1

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