Christian Hertel Wulff was born in Denmark in 1942. He now lives in Bournemouth. He is a retired medical doctor who worked as a clinical neurophysiologist at Poole Hospital in Dorset until 2007.

He was introduced to art at an early age and started painting when he lived in the Middle East. Since moving to Dorset in 1995 much of his time has been spent painting.

He has been inspired by various artists, particularly John Emanuel of St. Ives. He introduced him to the technique of monoprinting and also inspired him to use the female form in his compositions. Danish artists, including Asger Jorn,  have also had an influence on his work.

Christian’s preferred subjects are the female form and  still life. They are often an expression of spontaneity, joy and delight. His work explores the expressionist and gestural approach tempered by an accurate control of colour, tone and shape.

He enjoys experimenting with mixed media in order to create various effects. These include sand and sandstone from local quarries, enamel, gouache, colour pigment and oils.  Monoprints are an important aspect of Christian’s work. He uses them as ‘studies’ for his paintings.

Christian regularly exhibits his artwork and has a range of paintings for sale, some of which you can view via this site, Please browse the site and contact him directly for any enquiries.